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Peacock Ore with Bornite
Peacock Ore with Bornite

Peacock Ore with Bornite

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Spectacular, iridescent Peacock Ore Rough also known as Chalcopyrite with Bornite from Mexico. Peacock Ore possesses an energy which helps to remove energy blockages and open the crown chakra, cleansing and activating at the same time. Chalcopyrite is the "stone of the mystic," bringing information relative to ethereal surrounding energies for the self and for others. Chalcopyrite may be used to lessen fevers, reduce inflammation and may help to promote hair growth. The color of Bornite is red-brown and is enhanced by an iridescent combination of the minerals in hues of blues, greens, purples, brassy yellow, turquoise and pink.


Bornite facilitates the synthesis of the chakras and may be useful in the individual activation of the chakras. Bornite is a "stone of happiness," providing the message that life is truly joyful to experience. Bornite is an excellent healing stone to use in re-birthing and may assist in the building of the structures of the physical body and renew growth of the cellular composition. 
      1.9oz+ / 55g+             1.6"+ / 40mm +          1 piece  $3.00  

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