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Crystal Terms

Crystal terms

A list of crystal terminology and glossary meanings including information on energy, metaphysical subjects, crystal configurations and shapes.

   Abundance Crystal    Energy Vortex

    Phantom Crystal

   Akashic Record

    Esoteric Thought

    Plate Crystal     


   Amorphous Crystal


    Pranic Energy


    Etheric Blueprint

    Pre-Birth State

   Ancestral Time Line 

    Etheric Body

    Psychic Attack


    Ethers - Etheric Plane

    Psychic Gifts



    Psychic Vampirism

   Ascended Masters 

    Fault Line





   Astral Travel

    Generator Crystal

    Quan Yin




   Attached Entities 

    Geophatic Stress 


   Audible Oracle 

    Grand Formation



    Great Central Sun

    Rainbow Crystal

   Automatic Writing 


    Record Keeper





    Grounding Cord




    Rutilated Quartz




   Balls - Spheres 



   Barnacle Crystal

    Healing Crisis

    Scepter Quartz


    Healing Stones


   Biomagnetic Field

    Higher Energies

    Self-Healed Crystal

   Blissed Out 

    Higher Self 

    Semi-Precious Stones

   Blown Chakra



   Bridge Crystal 

    Hypnotic Commands

    Sheet Crystal



    Sick-Building Syndrome

   Buddha Crystal

    Indigo Children



    Inner Child



    Inner Cross

    Soul Group


    Inner Levels

    Soul Links

   Carved Crystal 

    Isis Crystal

    Soulmate Crystal

   Causal Plane 


    Soul Retrieval

   Cathedral Quartz 



   Celestial Doorway 

    Karmic Seeds

    Spiral Quartz

   Celestial Realm


    Spirit Guides


    Ki or Qi



    Kirlian Camera

    Star Children

   Channeling Crystal


    Star Gate

   Christ Consciousness 



   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 


    Stone of the 7th Mansion



    Subtle Bodies



    Subtle Energy Field


    Ley Lines



    Light Body 


   Color Healing 

    Light Library

    Tabular Crystal

   Companion Crystal

    Lower Energies


   Cosmic Consciousness 

    Lower Self

    Third Eye

   Cross Crystal 


    Thought Forms

   Crystal Bowls


    Time Link



    Tourmalinated Crystal

   Crystal Healing Tools


    Tourmalinated Quartz



   Curved Crystal 

    Material/Physical/Earth Plane


   Devic Kingdom 



   Diamond Window 

    Mental Influence




    Transcending the 3rd Dimension



    Transformation Crystal

   Double Terminated


    Triple-Burner Meridian

   Dow Crystal




    Negative Emotional Programming


   Dream catchers




    Obelisks and Towers

    Vision Quest  

   Earth Chakra 



   Earth Healing 

    Outer Levels








   Electromagnetic Smog 



    Window Crystals

   Energy Center 




   Energy Implant 

    Precious Stones