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Crystal Information

Crystal Information
  • Chakras
    Chakras are basic energy centers or vortexes found in the body and auric fields. Chakra by definition means the "wheel", a moving energy or vortex. Chakra energy regulates consciousness and restores balance, harmony, and a sense of peace in mind, body and spirit.
  • Crystals A to Z
    Crystals and Minerals from A to Z ~ Information and attributes
  • Crystal Care
    Information on the care of your crystals
  • Crystal Healing
    Suggestions for crystals and minerals that may facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Crystal healing information includes mystical and metaphysical properties.
  • Raven's References
    Raven Crystals references and source materials used for crystal, metaphysical, and holistic healing information.
  • Crystal Terms
    A list of crystal terminology and glossary meanings including information on energy, metaphysical subjects, crystal configurations and shapes.
  • Crystal Zodiac
    Crystal Zodiac is an extensive list of Crystals, Minerals, and Gemstones to use with your Zodiac Sign
  • Crystal Digs and Roadtrips
    Crystal digging, rock hounding, and other geologic road tripping adventures
  • Totems and Power Animals
    Spirit guides, power animals, and specific totems are said to be connected to an individual and are guiding and directing them throughout their lives. Totems and power animals are a way to understand and decipher meaning and signs found in our environment.
  • Raven's Trails
    Walk, hike, trek, run or however you go, get yourself outside. Rock the trails with Raven's suggestions on where to go and re-connect with nature and the energy of the Earth ~ Gaia Qi.
  • Crystals By Color
    Looking for a specific color of crystal and/or information on healing by color? Browse Crystals by Color. Check out our fab-u-lous collection of colorful crystals, healing stones, and mineral specimens.