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Crystals and Minerals

Crystals and minerals

Amazing and fab-u-lous crystals and mineral specimenscrystal clustersnatural crystals and stonesfossilscrystal pointscrystals by colordouble terminated crystalscrystals from around the worldspace rockscrystal healing tools, small stones and mini crystals, and large crystal specimens for all your metaphysical, energetic support and healing, and crystal collection needs.

  • Crystal Clusters Crystal Clusters
    A Crystal Cluster is a group of crystals with many points, small or large, or a combination of sizes, that share and form a common crystalline base. Crystal Clusters radiate energy out to the surrounding environment and absorb detrimental energy.
  • Fossils Fossils
    Beautiful and amazing fossils. Fossils represent time, eternity and evolution. Fossils are excellent healing tools to work through past life situations and for releasing whatever no longer serves your higher purpose.
  • Natural Crystals and Mineral Specimens Natural Crystals and Mineral Specimens
    Natural mineral specimens and crystals are found in the environment in their natural state and collected off the surface of the ground or are obtained through physical digging and mining. Natural crystals and specimens are not cut or polished.
  • Crystal Points Crystal Points
    Crystal point configuration occurs when facets come together and form a physical tip at the end of a crystal. Crystal point configuration provides focus for energy that is invigorating, re-balancing, and protective.
  • Crystal Therapy Crystal Therapy
    Crystal suggestions for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and energetic support.
  • Double Terminated Crystals Double Terminated Crystals
    A double terminated crystal wand is a stone of balance, integrates spirit and matter and can provide a bridge between two energy points.
  • Crystals from around the World Crystals from around the World
    Explore and experience geologic global travel with Raven's collection of crystals, healing stones, and mineral specimens from around the world and beyond.
  • Large Crystal Specimens Large Crystal Specimens
    Large Crystal Specimens perfect for display or in your garden :)
  • Small Stones and Mini Crystals Small Stones and Mini Crystals
    Sometimes its all about the little things. Here are some beautiful crystal selections that are powerful and mighty in size ranging from approximately 1/2 inch / 12mm in length or smaller. These crystals are the perfect size for medicine bags, smaller crystal grids, and orgone generators.
  • Space Rocks Space Rocks
    Literally out of this world selection of space rock specimens that are powerful and fascinating.