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Pyrite Cubes
Pyrite Cubes

Pyrite Cubes

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Beautiful cube shaped Pyrite in matrix with a shiny metallic surface. Pyrite offers energetic protection filtering out disharmonic vibrations cleansing the etheric field of negativity. Pyrite’s metallic surface provides reflection for assessing action and intention for protection and insight. Pyrite heightens the intuitive sense of “warning bells” when dealing with the unknown whether it be people, places, or situations. Pyrite helps to focus the mind. Pyrite’s vibrations attract light frequencies that connect to our mental thoughts and balance energetic polarities. These higher light frequencies increase the flow of light, harmony, and love into the physical plane. Pyrite is an energizing crystal manifesting tool giving one a boost in vitality and perseverance for achieving goals and completing challenging tasks. Enhancing will power, Pyrite may be helpful in overcoming unhealthy habits to establish well-being and a balanced lifestyle. Pyrite is a wonderful crystal tool for stimulating creative ideas and provides energetic confidence and persistence to complete projects.

.5oz+ / 15g+                .9"+ / 24mm +                1 cube    $2.00 


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