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About Us

Raven Crystals

I have been the owner of Raven Crystals since January 2011. WooHoo!!!!

I am so grateful to be the caretaker of fab-u-lous crystals over these years. Being involved with Raven Crystals gives me many opportunities to learn more about different crystals, fossils, mineral specimens, and metaphysical energetic tools. I am always questing after new information, beautiful mineral specimens, and travel adventures via crystal hunting road trips and ultrarunning trekking experiences.

When I am not out running the trails, I am happy at home with my family and assorted animal companions, tending my garden and taking art classes to finish my art degree. I am also a Reiki practitioner and energy worker. I am a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui/Tibetan lineage and a certified Holistic Massage Therapist for both humans and animals. I also LOVE practicing Polarity Therapy – amazing and profound energy work! 
I became interested in healing stones when I first became a Reiki practitioner and energy worker. I was delighted with the beauty and qualities of the stones. As my interest and personal collection of crystals and stones grew, and grew, and grew, I decided to share them with friends, family, and my clients. I began purchasing stones and studying the healing properties of each stone. I wanted to provide unique, rare and hard to find items, as they were the most intriguing in shape, and have such radiant colors, extraordinary energy and healing properties. I also LOVE really "cool" and "pretty" crystals with amazing backstories connecting people together. Magical stories and synchronicity stones.

Raven Crystals

I personally select crystals for their beauty, healing attributes, uniqueness and one of a kind, collectible qualities. Incorporating my love for travel and meeting new people, I consciously seek crystal suppliers who source and care for the crystals as I do - with love and respect for our Earth mother, Gaia and the energies of the mineral and crystal realm. Many hours go into the search for such exotic specimens - i.e. crystal road trip experiences, random conversations, and divinely guided internet wanderings :)
I spend time with each crystal that finds its way to Raven Crystals. The crystals and stones are amazing beings. I feel so blessed to be their crystal caretaker. Each crystal order is gathered, wrapped, and packaged with loving care and intention.
I invite you to come visit and shop Raven Crystals in Los Angeles, California.
Blessings & Peace, Andrea

Raven Crystals

Andrea Lehr – Artist, healer, crystal caretaker and owner of Raven Crystals

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Holistic Massage Therapist

Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist

Holistic Healing Services offered for people and animals: Holistic Massage and Bodywork, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy and Essential oils, Healing with Stones and Crystals, Hospice and Transition Support, Shamanic Healing and Divination, Home and Environmental Clearing, Small Animal Massage and Bodywork, and Equine Energy work.

Raven Crystals