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Crystal healing grid

A crystal healing grid is a layout of specifically chosen crystals intentionally placed on the body or arranged in a physical location. These crystals may be placed anywhere on or around the body, arranged over the chakras, or placed in a specific location. This laying of stones facilitates healing on all levels: strengthening the connection and creating an alignment between the etheric body and the physical form while utilizing a transfer of energy facilitating flow and changes in polarity. Facilitate healing, meditation, astral travel, manifestation, divination and soul support with our collection of unique Crystal Healing Grids, Medicine Bags & Healer's Pouches. 

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Dragonfly Crystal Healing Grid
Dragonfly Crystal Healing Grid
Dragonfly Totem Crystal Grid is a unique collection of Reiki attuned crystals: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Peacock Ore, Tree Agate and a carved bone dragonfly totem.