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Crystal Care

Big Citrine Crystal


1. Water, Sunlight and Moon Light - cleanse crystal in flowing water from spring, river, lake or tap water and energize in the sun or the night of a full moon. Care must be given to crystals that fade in the sun or friable. In cleansing focus the intent to clear the crystals. Water, Sunlight and Moon Light are the universal cleanser and energizer and effective in cleansing undesirable energies from all physical forms.

2. Sea Water, Sunlight or Moon Light - take crystals to the sea and cleanse in sea water, allowing the sea water to wash over it and charge in the Sun or Moon Light. Care must be given to crystals that fade in the sun or friable.

3. Crystal Smudging - smudge the crystal with incense, sage, sweetgrass, frankincense, rosemary, myrrh or your favorite incense. This method of cleansing had been used by Native American, Native African tribal cultures and other ancient cultures.

4. Sea Salt or Rock Salt Soaking Sun Light or Moon Light - soak the crystal in sea salt for 7 to 24 hours and rinse with cold pure water and energize in the sun or the moon (preferably the night of the full moon). Care must be given to softer crystals as salt can mar the crystal surface, it does not affect the properties of the crystals.

5. Salt Water Soaking - soak the crystal in salt water for a period of one to seven days. Use three tablespoons of Sea Salt for a cup of water. Use a glass container with crystal covered by the mixed solution and placed in an area that is exposed to sun light. Care must be given to crystals that fade or friable.

6. Crystal Cluster or Mineral Energizer - place the crystal to a large crystal cluster or a mineral specified as an energizer for 12 to 24 hours.

7. Visualize White or Golden Light - surround the crystal with a visualized white or golden light with focused concentration and intent to transform any negative energies to positive light energies.

8. Beam White Light from the Third Eye - beam white light from the third eye and surround the crystals with focused concentration and intent, sweeping any negative energy to a black hole filled with white light. The white light in the black hole transforms negative energies to light energies.

9. Brown Rice Soaking - soak the crystal in brown rice for 24 hours. The brown rice balances, centers the energy and removes the negative energies, after which the rice is purified and wonderful to eat.

10. Flower Soaking - soak the crystal in flowers for 24 hours. You can use rose petals, star light lilies, gardenia blossoms or your favorite flowers. The essence and purity of the flowers strips away and cleanses negative energies.

11. Tape de-magnetizer - use a tape de-magnetizer moving up and down the length of the crystal removing and dissipating negative vibratory essences.

12. Carnelian or Selenite Cleansing - Carnelian and Selenite have the ability to cleanse other crystals. Use a carnelian in a bag of tumbled stone or set the crystal in a Selenite slab for 24 hours. These stones can purify, cleanse negative energies.

13. Purpose-made Cleanser Purifier - use a drop or two of the purpose-made cleanser purifier to the crystal or dilute few drops of cleanser in pure clean water and sprayed as an atomizer. This method is safe to use for friable crystal.


1. Impacting the crystal upon the energized sand of the ocean beaches and or sand dunes.

2. Sounding meditative gong in proximity to the crystal which activates the resonance of the crystal.

3. Gently sounding a Tibetan prayer bells or other bells in proximity to the crystal which aligns the energy of the crystal structure so it can efficiently be directed.


1. Place the crystal in a large Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster.

2. Place the crystal in the Center of a Circle surrounded by other Crystals whose terminations are pointing to the center crystal.

3. Place the crystal in Sunlight and/or Moonlight The full moon or new moon can heavily charged the crystal.

4. Bury the crystal on the ground on a full moon or new moon. The Earth energies and the Moon rays will re-energize the crystal.

5. Draw the Reiki symbols on the air above the crystal energizes the crystal.