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Crystals by Color

Crystals by color

Looking for a specific color of crystal and information on healing by color? Browse Crystals by Color. Check out our fab-u-lous collection of crystals, healing stones, and mineral specimens in a rainbow assortment of colors!

  • Think Pink! Pink Crystals Think Pink! Pink Crystals
    Lovely Pink Crystals and Healing Stones support the energies and heart space for healing and creating Peace, Love and Understanding.
  • Black Crystals Black Crystals
    Black Crystals are a great grounding force and they may give you an energetic sense of well-being.
  • Brown Crystals Brown Crystals
    Brown crystals and minerals are excellent crystal tools for relaxing, recuperation, and grounding. Brown crystals may be used to form an energetic link that resonates with the natural elements and seasonal cycles, minerals, crystals, plant and animal kingdoms, and with earth fairies.
  • Clear Crystals Clear Crystals
    Clear crystals resonate with clarity and vibrations that are energizing and motivating.
  • Purple Crystals Purple Crystals
    Purple Crystals may help to balance energies, calm mental processes, and release feelings of anger, fear, and anxiety. Purple crystals are wonderful energetic tools for developing and enhancing extra sensory and psychic abilities, pursuing spiritual endeavors, and enhancing meditation.
  • Metallic Crystals Metallic Crystals
    Metallic crystals are helpful crystal tools offering reflective viewpoints enabling one to look at a situation in complete detail.
  • Orange Crystals Orange Crystals
    Orange Crystals may help to restore vitality levels back into your life as they nurture and support your real self, encouraging one to step up and shine ON.
  • White Crystals White Crystals
    White crystals are stones of new beginnings helping to remove blockages and energetically connect to the higher self.
  • Gray Crystals Gray Crystals
    Gray crystals deflect unwanted energies from the aura and helps to prevent energy leakage.
  • Blue Crystals Blue Crystals
    Calming and soothing Blue Crystals and Healing Stones.
  • Green Crystals Green Crystals
    Found in the middle of the rainbow spectrum, green crystals are balancing emotionally, spiritually, and support physical well-being, good health, and abundance.
  • Yellow Crystals Yellow Crystals
    Yellow Crystals are invigorating and uplifting for the emotions. Yellow crystals have a nurturing and balancing energy alleviating hostility, irritability, and melancholy.
  • Red Crystals Red Crystals
    Red Crystals are a stone of health offering energetic healing support and may be helpful during prolonged illness or hospitalization.