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Totems and Power Animals

Alligator Totem

Alligator totem reminds one to be grateful and appreciate all the gifts that are offered in your life.

Boar/Pig Totem

Use the pig/boar totem energy to overcome procrastination and to get back on track with personal goals, professional career advancement, and for successful project completion.

Butterfly Totem

Butterfly is the symbol of the soul, bliss, color and joy. Representing the element of air, the Butterfly gently teaches about change and transformation.

Cat Totem

Cat Totem symbolizes mystery, curiosity, magic, healing, independence, guardian and protector.

Dog Totem

Throughout history, dog has been considered a loyal companion to human beings offering protection, trust, and friendship.

Dolphin Totem

The Dolphin totem represents the combined power of breath and sound. Dolphin will show you how to enter the waters of life using your breath and sound to manifest what you desire.

Dragonfly Totem

Dragonfly represents joy, adaptation, and transformation.

Feather Totem

Feathers may provide signs and messages from spirit. Feathers are symbolic of wind, faith, lightness, mobility, air, flight, joy, and contemplation.

Frog Totem

Frog Totem symbolizes transformation and coming into your personal power. Frogs give supportive energy and cleanse negativity in the environment.

Hippo Totem

Hippo symbolizes birth, motherhood, routine paths, intuition, and truth.

Horse Totem

The Horse is a symbol of nobility, class, speed and perseverance.

Owl Totem

Owl is a nocturnal bird of mystery and myth. The owl is a symbol of the feminine and is associated with the moon. Owl is believed to have great healing powers, prophecy and wisdom.

Rabbit Totem

Rabbit may help one see the signs of the ebb and flow of the currents/tides in life. By recognizing these signs, one may become more fertile and abundant in life.

Turtle Totem

Myths and legends relate to the turtle’s ancient presence on earth and the meaning and shape of its shell. Turtle Totem represents the personification of goddess energy and the eternal, life-giving mother planet.