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Dolomite Rough Natural Crystals
Dolomite Rough Natural Crystals

Dolomite Rough Natural Crystals

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Beautiful snow white colored natural rough Dolomite crystal chunks. Dolomite encourages original thinking by energetically helping to manifest thought into form. Dolomite aligns one with the flow of Divine timing and the understanding that “everything happens for a reason." Dolomite helps one to release expectations and experience the miracle of each moment. Dolomite helps one to achieve calm and centered sense of balance. Dolomite aligns the human energy field with its balancing vibrations. Dolomite is a stone of moderation. Dolomite provides balance and an objective point of view while directing one away from unrealistic dreams to the right path and one’s true purpose. Dolomite opens the heart and reminds one to appreciate the small things and mundane experiences. Dolomite is a stone of patience, constancy and loyalty to one’s path.

In healing, Dolomite is an excellent healing support for detoxification and the elimination of heavy minerals from the physical body. Emotionally, Dolomite helps one overcome harmful behaviors and habits and supports one in acting in a loving way toward one’s body. 

1.5oz+/ 43g+               1.4"+/ 37mm+         1 piece      $1.00 

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