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Sodalite Mini Dog Totem Carvings
Sodalite Mini Dog Carvings

Sodalite Mini Dog Totem Carvings

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These Blue Sodalite mini dog carvings are such cute little crystal puppies! Sodalite’s energetic vibrations clear and connect with the frequencies of consciousness and your heart’s desire providing a direction of purpose and joy in your life. Sodalite is a crystal of insight. As a crystal tool, Sodalite stimulates the pineal gland and the third eye chakra deepening meditation. Sodalite is soothing for the mental state, relaxing, and focusing thoughts. Creating a mental space, for slowing “it” all down, Sodalite supports introspection and the release of the perceived “need” to control, so one may be energetically free and calm. Sodalite increases intuition, fosters confidence, and helps one to recognize and understand “hunches” and inner knowing. Sodalite encourages trust in self and in others, mutual non-dependence, and allows one to understand their role in co-dependent relationships. Acknowledging extremes, Sodalite energetically supports the choice of the middle way creating balance in our lives. The deep blue hues of Sodalite crystals reminds one to go with the flow in life.

In healing, Sodalite may be helpful with the healing of skin irritations, jaundice, reduces inflammation. The energies of Sodalite resonates with the Thyroid gland and cleanses and tones the lymph glands. Sodalite may be helpful in balancing the metabolism, overcoming calcium deficiencies, boosts the immune system. Sodalite combats radiation damage, insomnia, treats throat, vocal cords, larynx and is helpful for hoarseness.  Sodalite may also be useful for digestive disorders, cools fever, lowers blood pressure and stimulates absorption of body fluids. 

Throughout history, dog has been considered a loyal companion to human beings offering protection, trust, and friendship. Dog totem honors those who have a sense of service supporting others. Dog totem teaches one about compassion and forgiveness with an understanding for human shortcomings. Dog totem also teaches about boundaries and brings to question your sense of loyalties and/or what is your need for approval from others. Dog totem also asks if you have been true and loyal to achieving personal goals. Dog totem teaches us to become our own best friend.

.2oz+ / 5g+         .9"+ / 23mm+        1 mini dog carving   $5.00

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