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Yellow Crystals

Posted by Raven Crystals on 5/13/2024 to Crystal Healing Tools
Yellow Crystals
Yellow Crystals 

With a sunshine-like energetic vibration, yellow crystals are invigorating and uplifting for your emotional and mental state of being. Cheerful and stimulating, Yellow is associated with the mind and may be energetically supportive for healing the nervous system. Yellow crystals have a nurturing and balancing energetic vibration that may be helpful in alleviating feelings of hostility, irritability, and melancholy. When released from worry, anxiety, and stress, we experience freedom and are open to the opportunities in our lives, as well as the willingness to share and help others in their lives. 

 Yellow is the color of fertility and abundance as it is closely linked with the color gold. Yellow gold is linked with things of the highest order – sun, the sky, and the heavens and may be seen in many historical art works and artifacts, from cave paintings to religious relics. This heavenly connection is achieved with the usage of gold leaf in spiritual texts as well as in the halos of saintly figures in paintings. The ancient Egyptians used gold in decorating their burial sarcophagus to represent abundance in the afterlife. Yellow has also been historically associated with finance and bankers.

 Yellow represents good advice, wisdom, and may serve as a cautionary warning, like a traffic signal flashing to slow down. A yellow card in a soccer match is a warning given prior to ejection from the game for a foul. A highly visible color from a great distance, Yellow is often the color used for cautionary road work signs, safety vests/jackets, big machinery, and emergency vehicles. Most importantly, yellow serves as a warning to not eat yellow snow. 

 Yellow Fluorite In contrast, yellow can represent unflattering attributes, betrayal, deceit, and illness. As a crystal color tool, yellow may be used to overcome feelings of disappointment, isolation from others, jealousy or envy of others, and cowardice. Yellow may also be used to modify behaviors and overcome negative traits such being too critical and judgmental, impatience, nervousness, and fluctuating energy and moods. 

 Yellow is also one of the four stages in alchemy known as citrinitas or the process of turning yellow into gold. Yellowing represents transformation such as with the cycle of the seasons, aging, and decay. The passage of time may be seen with the yellowing pages of old books, the yellow discoloration of teeth in older animals and humans, and the coloring of leaves on the autumn trees.

On a more positive note, Yellow also represents a transitional stage of wholeness, insight, and integration. Yellow is energizing and engaging, offering clarity of thought and the return of outward interests and involvement after a period of self-reflection and discovery. Yellow is associated with pleasure, entertainment, and optimism. 

Abstract painting

The various shades of yellow are often described as colors found in plants, fruits, and vegetables ~ visualize the yellow pop of sunflowers, mustard, lemon, corn, and saffron. Yellow hues are also used as a colorful depiction of mood such as bright, optimistic, playful, and happy. Yellow is a wonderful color influence supporting those interested in detailed oriented work, marketing and advertising, endurance activities, and creative pursuits.

In color healing, the vibration of the yellow color ray is said to be helpful in the support of the healing of the stomach and digestive functions. Yellow may stimulate the liver and intestines. Yellow may also be helpful for skin issues. Yellow may be uplifting for the central nervous system and helpful for eliminating feelings of depression, anxiety, boredom, and apathy. Yellow energetically resonates with the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra. Yellow offers clarity and mental focus.

Ingest the supportive energetic benefits of yellow with some of these foods: lemons, corn, squash, and other foods that contain carotenoids.