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Crystal Suggestions for Patience

3/17/2024 by Raven Crystals

Crystals for Patience

Crystals for Patience 

Patience is the state of being that allows us to accept and move past the things we currently have no control over. When someone can release feelings of resentment and anxiety over the possible outcome of future events and circumstances, they choose to live a life of peace and enlightenment. Accept the day for what it is and find meaning in the little things. Here are some of my favorite crystals for supporting patience and inner healing through the process of letting go and being in the moment.

Black Tourmaline grounds us in the present moment and encourages insight and empowerment when facing challenging circumstances.

Angel Aura has a sweet and uplifting energy. Angel Aura is an energetic crystal of peace, harmony, and connection to your higher self.

Blue Calcite encourages us to stay calm and approach issues with a heart of compassion and understanding. 

Howlite supports patience by encouraging communication, emotional awareness, and insight.

Amethyst is a powerful stone for protection and mental clarity. Amethyst soothes and releases unproductive thoughts and concerns while encouraging mental focus on the things that matter.