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White Onyx Tumbled Stones
White Onyx Tumbled Stones

White Onyx Tumbled Stones

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Beautiful cream-colored white Onyx tumbled stones from India. These White Onyx tumbled stones remind me of jelly beans :) White Onyx energetically stimulates the higher chakras enhancing dream work. White Onyx anchors the flighty with more focus leading to a more stable way of life with greater self-control.  White onyx crystals are stones of new beginnings helping to remove blockages and energetically connect to the higher self and accessing intuitive guidance. White Onyx may assist with channeling universal energies required for healing or other purposes and may also be useful in past-life work. White Onyx provides energetic support in difficult or confusing circumstances and during times of enormous mental or physical stress. 

In healing, White Onyx may be beneficial for alleviating headaches and supportive of the eyes and optic nerves.

1oz+/ 27g+                 1.1"+/ 29mm+        1 piece      $1.00

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