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Where to eat in Little Rock | South on Main

Posted by Raven Crystals on 10/5/2016 to Fabulous Arkansas
Where to eat in Little Rock | South on Main

Thanks to the recommendation made by several local Little Rock residents, we had an AMAZING dinner/food experience at South on Main. We walked into the restaurant, visually took in the eclectic décor and decided YES this is the place. Our table was a comfortable window seat where we could watch all the early evening comings and goings on Main Street

Moscow MuleHot and humid outside, the tasty adult beverages quickly quenched our thirst. Hydration is always the key ;)  While we sipped our old school cocktails, mine was a Moscow Mule, our fab-u-lous waiter Matthew gave us a very informative break down of the menu and food preparation. Throughout the evening, he was a source of entertaining information including some background and history of the restaurant, fun stories about folks and Little Rock, things to do while in town, and most importantly where to go hiking in order to burn off the massive caloric intake of delicious southern food.

For an appetizer, we started off with the boiled peanuts followed by the Soaked Salad with Carrots, Peppers & Red Onion. Main course was the delicious Seared Pork Chop with warmed potato salad and onion rings. OMG ridiculously good food. This was clearly not my momma‚Äôs particle board version of pork chops. The sorghum glazed donuts for dessert provided the perfect ending to our meal. We left the restaurant and walked back to the hotel all sugar buzzed with happy full tummies.

Pork Chops

p.s. Having left Los Angeles at o'dark thirty in the morning, we opted out of staying for the live music later on in the evening.