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Unakite Tumbled Stones
Unakite Tumbled Stones

Unakite Tumbled Stones

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Lovely emotionally soothing green and pink Unakite tumbled stones from Africa.  Unakite is a crystal tool for vision and transformation. Unakite may energetically facilitate re-birthing therapies as it energetically integrates insights from the past and uncovers the root cause of blockages. Unakite may provide a gentle release of conditions that have been inhibiting ones growth spiritually and psychologically. Unakite may be helpful in transforming thought patterns, words, and actions to reflect enlightened and positive experiences. Unakite may help those who feel stuck in their current reality and enable them to create movement and a willingness to pursue their dreams.
    .4oz+/ 13g+            1.2"+/ 32mm+                 1 piece     $1.00

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