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Sunstone Polished Cube Carvings
Sunstone Polished Cube Carving

Sunstone Polished Cube Carvings

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Sparkly Sunstone polished cube carvings from India. Sunstone cube carving makes an excellent crystal tool for detaching from old patterns while supporting and encouraging openness for  opportunities to attain one's goals. Sunstone supports the discovery and healing of blockages and issues regarding self-awareness and self-love. Sunstone is a great crystal to carry for those who have a hard time establishing boundaries and are continually making sacrifices for others at the expense of themselves. Sunstone has an energizing vibration bringing increased vitality and abundance to those fortunate enough work with this crystal healing tool. Sunstone clears and energizes the chakras, dissipates fear, increases intuition, and alleviates stress. 

In healing, Sunstone may be helpful with chronic sore throats and in the treatment of disorders associated with the ears, nose, throat, intestines, alimentary canal, veins and esophagus. Sunstone helps to alleviate symptoms associated with rheumatism, aching feet, and some spinal problems. Sunstone increases metabolism, aids indigestion, reduces stomach tensions, relieves ulcers. Sunstone helps to balance the endocrine system and aids reproductive problems due to imbalanced hormones.

2.5oz/ 72g                 1.2" x 1.2"/ 31mm x 31mm        1 cube          $20.00  

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