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Natural Strawberry Quartz Crystals #11720
Natural Strawberry Quartz Crystals

Natural Strawberry Quartz Crystals #11720

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Natural soft pink berry colored semi-translucent gemmy Strawberry Quartz Crystals from Brazil. The pink coloring of the Strawberry quartz comes from mineral inclusions of Goethite, Rutile, iron, and Lepidochrocite. Combined with the energetic crystalline properties of quartz, the pink coloring of this crystal is supportive for heart healing, both emotionally and physically. Connecting with the soft loving energetic vibrations of strawberry quartz, this crystal allows for feelings of joyfulness, heart-filled loving experiences, and the opportunity to appreciate each moment for what IT IS. In healing crystal grids, Strawberry quartz supports and balances the energetic flow between the physical and auric bodies.
1.1oz+ / 32g+               1.5"+ / 39mm+              1  piece        $2.00

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