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Blue Spinel Spotted Sphere
Blue Spinel Spotted Sphere

Blue Spinel Spotted Sphere

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Beautiful blue spinel in smoky gray quartz matrix spotted polished sphere from Madagascar. The energetic combination of Blue Spinel and Smoky Quartz provides a source of encouragement when dealing with challenges.  Blue Spinel helps to eliminate negative thinking and fosters the spirit of gratitude. Blue Spinel helps one release worry and resistance as it calms the nervous system while Smoky Quartz grounds and centers energy. Blue Spinel vibrates with the energy of beauty and inspiration and serves as a catalyst for new ideas and ways of thinking with a greater appreciation for the beauty found in life. Life is good and such a gift. Blue Spinel is a beautiful crystal connected with energy renewal and revitalization.

In healing, Blue Spinel is an excellent support for those recovering from trauma or illness as it reduces fatigue and replenishes depleted energy levels. Blue Spinel assists the body with detoxification and encourages elimination on both physical and energetic levels.

10.2oz  / 290g        2.3" dia / 59mm dia            with stand             $100.00

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