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Silver Sheen Obsidian Polished Eggs
Silver Sheen Obsidian Polished Eggs

Silver Sheen Obsidian Polished Eggs

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Beautifully Silver Sheen Obsidian polished egg carvings from Mexico. Silver Sheen Obsidian Crystal Eggs are the perfect crystal tool for gazing and divination. Silver Sheen Obsidian Crystal Eggs confine and shape energy and may be used to detect and re-balance blockages in the body directing healing energies toward problem areas. Silver-sheen Obsidian may help to create advantages throughout life and impart patience and perseverance. Silver Sheen Obsidian may provide an energetic deep soul healing, facilitating the healing of past life emotions or trauma that have been carried forward into the present. Silver Sheen Obsidian is a strongly protective stone that forms a shield against negativity providing a grounding cord from the base chakra to the earth. Obsidian absorbs negative energies from the environment, blocks psychic attacks and removes negative spiritual influences. Obsidian brings clarity to the mind, confidence and ease while anchoring the spirit into the body and stimulating growth on all levels.

In healing, Silver Sheen Obsidian's healing energetic vibrations provide insight into the root cause of dis-ease. Obsidian aids the digestion of anything that is hard to accept and promotes physical digestion. Obsidian is a wonderful crystal tool for detoxing. Obsidian may be helpful in dissolving blockages and tensions in the physical and subtle bodies, including hardened arteries. Obsidian may reduce the pain of arthritis and alleviate joint problems, cramps, and injuries. Obsidian warms the extremities and may be helpful for increased circulation. Obsidian may be helpful and supportive for prostate health.

.4.6oz / 130g              2.3" x 1.6" / 59mm x 42mm              1 egg      $20.00

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