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Shaman Quartz Natural Crystal
Shaman Quartz Natural Crystal

Shaman Quartz Natural Crystal

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Natural Shaman Quartz Crystal with a clear quartz window frosted with mineral inclusions of Chlorite, Fluorite, Rutile, Hematite, and Mica from Brazil. Shaman Quartz is a powerful crystal divination tool that may be helpful with meditation, journeying, visionary experiences, and soul healing. Shaman Quartz crystal assists with communication and connection to the spirit realm. Shaman Quartz and has a strong association with Mother Earth and facilitates healing journeys through nature. Chlorite assists with self realization, provides support and cleanses the past. Fluorite provides protection and discernment. Rutile provides protection, direction and focus, enhances out-of-body journeying, and provides understanding of the karmic cause of dis-ease. Hematite dissolves negativity, grounds and harmonizes the physical body, offers clarity, and connects with spirit. Mica heightens the connection to your higher self and sharpens intuition. Shaman Quartz works well with the north-west direction of the medicine wheel. Shaman Quartz may be used in clearing cellular memory and ancestral line. Shaman Quartz absorbs negativity and environmental pollutants and clears a buildup of stagnant energy anywhere in the subtle bodies or environment and removes energy implants.

1.9oz/ 54g       2.6" x .7"x 1.4" / 66mm x 19mm x 37mm        $10.00


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