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Serpentine Polished Eggs
Serpentine Polished Eggs

Serpentine Polished Eggs

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Beautifully marbled patterned light olive-green colored Serpentine polished egg carvings from India. Serpentine brings one in contact with angelic guidance and opens one up to spiritual exploration. Serpentine is an excellent crystal tool for meditation as it clears the chakras and stimulates the crown chakra. Serpentine may be helpful to correct mental and emotional imbalances. Serpentine Crystal Eggs confine and shape energy and may be used to detect and re-balance blockages in the body directing healing energies toward problem areas. Serpentine is an excellent crystal tool for past-life exploration, as it assists with the retrieval of ancient wisdom, as well as the memories of past lives.  Serpentine may be helpful in healing imbalances from the past. Serpentine promotes compassion and forgiveness for yourself so you may release any emotional baggage from previous relationships.

In healing, Serpentine is cleansing and detoxifying for the body and blood. Serpentine may be helpful in the elimination of parasites. Serpentine is said to aid calcium and magnesium absorption in the body. Serpentine may also be supportive in the treatment of hypoglycemia and diabetes. Serpentine Crystal Eggs may be helpful for pain relief, especially menstrual cramping, and muscular aches as the more pointed end of the crystal egg may be a useful reflexology or acupressure tool.

1.8oz+ / 50g+          1.8"+ / 47mm+               1 egg    $8.00 

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