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Septerye Double Terminated Wand
Septerye Double Terminated Wand

Septerye Double Terminated Wand

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Colorfully contrasting yellow and brown dragon skin Septerye Double Terminated wand from Africa. Septerye is a sedimentary fossil stone forming from a crystallized combination of Calcite, Chalcedony and Aragonite. Calcite facilitates the opening of psychic abilities, channeling and out of body experience, calms the mind and teaches discernment. Chalcedony provides the pathway to receiving thought transmissions, telepathy and useful for balancing the energy of the body, mind, emotions, and spirits. Aragonite is a grounding stone and a reliable Earth healer that restores balance for meditation by raising vibrations to a high spiritual level. This beautiful Septerye wand with its combination of crystal energies is an excellent healing tool for facilitating chakra balancing, emotional healing, and spiritual development. Septerye Crystal wands are energetically cleansing, protective, and may stimulate and activate the human energy field. Septerye Crystal wands may be helpful in feng shui for space clearing and environmental blessings.  Septerye Crystal wands may be used to create sacred spaces for meditation, healing, and spiritual work. 

14.1oz/ 400g           5.3" x 1.8"/ 137mm x 47mm            $75.00


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