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Selenite Crystal Sphere
Selenite Crystal Sphere

Selenite Crystal Sphere

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Milky white Selenite Crystal polished sphere from Mexico. Translucent Selenite has a very fine high vibration and combined with the spherical shape sends energetic light vibrations in all directions.  The smooth surface and energies of the Selenite sphere facilitates clear communication and helps to keep energy flow moving. Selenite Crystal Balls are excellent tools for divination and help one connect with their angelic and spirit guides for information and guidance. Selenite’s high vibration helps to Selenite clears confusion and powerfully disperses and stabilizes erratic emotions. Selenite helps one bring their focus on keeping it simple and just being present. Selenite supports flexibility and gives one strength and clarity when making decisions. Selenite aids in overcoming stagnation in one’s life. Selenite crystal ball may enable one to see circumstances from a different perspective, creating awareness of details, as well as, the overall, bigger picture of a situation or opportunity.

3.2oz / 90g          1.6" dia/  41mm dia        with stand        $25.00

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