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Selenite Crystal Wand #100420
Selenite Crystal Wand

Selenite Crystal Wand #100420

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Chocolate brown colored leather cord wraps around a natural translucent Selenite blade topped with a polished banded Agate crystal, beautiful curly black duck feathers, and creamy white rooster feathers. The energy of Selenite resonates with individual stones or with a combination of crystals. Selenite energetically cleanses, supports and amplifies other crystal vibrations and healing intentions. This beautiful selenite wand would make an excellent crystal healing tool for removing energetic blockages, connecting with angel guides, and manifestation. The energetic combination Agate and Selenite found with this crystal wand provides support to help one focus, offers strength and clarity when making decisions, and is a beautiful calming presence for the home and environment.

The banded colors of creamy white, black, and brown of the polished agate crystal offers a grounding, soothing and calming vibration that supports emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Agates aid with centering and stabilizing physical energy. Agate helps to build self confidence and self-esteem. Agate enhances mental functions, improves concentration, perception and analytical abilities. Soothing Agate crystalline vibrations may offer energetic support to help overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart. Agate helps to release anger and fosters love and the courage to start over. Agate raises consciousness, links awareness to the oneness of life and the assimilation of life experiences creating spiritual growth and inner stability. 

Brown crystals are wonderful energetic tools supportive for grounding and finding balance during periods of transition and transformation. Brown crystals energetically support balance in life when dealing with unexpected upheavals or as a result of long-term accumulation of circumstances. Offering comfort and nurturing energies, Brown crystals remind us to be gentle, take care of ourselves, and not to overextend our energies with commitments and resources. Use the color brown for establishing a “soft place to land,” and to create a calm and home-like environment that may be helpful in reducing the feelings of stress.

4.1oz/ 116g          measures approximately 8 inches in length             $65.00

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