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Selenite and Amethyst Crystal Wand #072520
Selenite and Amethyst Crystal Wand

Selenite and Amethyst Crystal Wand #072520

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Dark purple colored ribbons of re-purposed soft Sari cloth wrap around an icy clear Natural Selenite Crystal wand adorned with white turkey feathers, silver bell shaped purple beads, and a crystal chunk of Chevron Amethyst.  The energy of Selenite resonates with almost any stone or with a combination of stones. Selenite energetically cleanses, supports and amplifies other crystal vibrations and healing intentions. Amethyst opens and clears the third-eye chakra and crown chakra which may accelerate the development of intuitive and psychic abilities.  This beautiful selenite wand would make an excellent crystal healing tool for removing blockages, connecting with angel guides, and manifestation. The energetic combination of Selenite and Amethyst will offer strength and clarity when making decisions while providing support to overcome stagnation in one’s life. Amethyst provides clarity and assists one in identifying damaging beliefs, behaviors, and habits that have created an energetic imbalance in the physical realm. Amethyst enhances memory and improves motivation, being able to set realistic goal. Amethyst helps to balance energies and to release feelings of anger, fear, and anxiety. 

3.1oz/ 87g          Selenite blade measures approximately 4 inches in length        1 crystal wand     $65.00

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