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Sardonyx Tumbled Stones
Sardonyx Tumbled Stones

Sardonyx Tumbled Stones

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Beautiful dynamic patterned black, white, and brown marble sized Sardonyx tumbled stones. Sardonyx is a protective and detoxifying stone. Sardonyx energetic vibration supports willpower through strength and character. Invoking the search for a meaningful existence, Sardonyx promotes integrity and virtuous conduct. Sardonyx brings lasting happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships. Sardonyx is a crystal tool that may be helpful to attract friends and good fortune into your life. Sardonyx may be helpful in alleviating depression and overcoming the loss of personal power due to procrastination. Sardonyx improves perception and aids with the absorption and processing of information.
In healing, Sardonyx may help to alleviate Tinnitus, assists with fluid regulation, cell metabolism and supports the immune system. Sardonyx may also be helpful with the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste products. 
.4oz+ / 11g+         .7"+ / 19mm+              1 piece    $1.00

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