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Shaman Stones
Shaman Stones

Shaman Stones

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Natural chocolate brown colored spherical sandstone Shaman Stones from Utah, USA. Shaman Stones are also called “Mochi Balls” or “Maqui Marbles.” Shaman Stones balance the energetic polarities between male and female aspects of the self. Shaman Stones provides spiritual guidance and understanding of experiences that are beneficial for soul healing. Shaman Stones guides one intuitively and creates awareness of necessary healing on a subconscious level. Shaman Stones lighten the heart and helps one release anything that has been taken too seriously.  Shaman Stones provide psychic protection during vision quests and shamanic journeying.  Shaman stones have been used for contact with extra-terrestrial, for visioning and journeying.  Shaman Stones brings forth the knowledge of ancient wisdom and rituals to be applied to present and future ways of being.  Shaman Stones are helpful for overcoming the fear of death and pain allowing one to pursue a spiritual path without trepidation. Shaman Stones create awareness of the sacredness of life and the impermanence of the physical realm.

In healing, Shaman Stones identify energetic obstructions in the body’s physical field and releases the source of atrophy and aging. Shaman stones support the healthy functioning of the digestive system, the thyroid, and the adrenals. Shaman Stones may be used in the treatment of physical instability, constrictions and restrictions in the veins, muscles and arteries, bone loss, RNA/DNA balancing deficiency of the immune system and cellular renewal.

sold as a pair           $22.00
combined approx weight/size of stones         1.2oz+/ 35g+        1"+/26mm+

For more information ~ Brown Crystals

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