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Ruby in Zoisite Polished Crystal Tower
Ruby in Zoisite Polished Crystal Tower

Ruby in Zoisite Polished Crystal Tower

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Stunning green and purple-red Ruby in Zoisite polished crystal tower. The beautiful patterns of colors in the Ruby in Zoisite tower are almost painterly, like a painting by Monet. The Ruby and Zoisite conglomerate are quite magical.  This mineral combination may create altered states of consciousness, stimulating and amplifying all psychic abilities.  Ruby in Zoisite may also be useful in diagnostic healing and communicating with the spirits.  Ruby in Zoisite activates the crown chakra and facilitates access to soul memory and spiritual learning. Ruby in Zoisite may be extremely helpful in soul healing and past-life work. Ruby in Zoisite has the unusual property of promoting individuality while at the same retaining connection with the rest of humanity. Ruby in Zoisite powerfully amplifies the bio-magnetic field around the body.

Ruby is a stone that encourages one to “follow their bliss.” Ruby is an excellent stone increasing life force energy or “chi” in life, as it overcomes exhaustion and lethargy, and calms hyperactivity. Ruby improves motivation and setting of realistic goals and gets “things going.” Ruby promotes positive dreams and clear visualization, stimulates the pineal gland. Ruby is a stone of courage, dispelling doubt, and relieving anxiety. Ruby inspires one to be who they are supposed to be. Ruby is one the stones of abundance and aids retaining wealth and passion.

Zoisite transmutes the negative energies into positive ones and connects to the spiritual realm. Zoisite assists in manifesting your own self rather than being influenced by others or trying to conform with the norm. Zoisite encourages recovery from severe illness or stress.  Zoisite dispels lethargy and may be used to combat procrastination and idleness. 

 3oz/ 86g          3.3" x .9" / 85mm x 23mm           $30.00

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