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Rose Quartz Mini Pig Carvings
Rose Quartz Mini Pigs

Rose Quartz Mini Pig Carvings

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Soft pink colored Rose Quartz mini Pig Totem Carving.  Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love connecting energetically with the heart chakra while the Pig/boar totem supports feelings of devotion in relationships with self, partners, family, and the community. Rose Quartz is known to attract love and encourages forgiveness, trust and gratitude.  Rose Quartz Pig Totem strengthens empathy and sensitivity for others and facilitates the necessary change to eliminate lazy behavior, overcome procrastination, and gives one an appreciative attitude and zest for living fully and with joy. Rose Quartz Pig totem alleviates fears and worries with calming and reassuring energy.  Rose Quartz encourages feelings of self-trust and self-worth. With the Boar/Pig totem, one may confront ideas of self-importance and shred false beliefs that make up levels of deceit and insincerity. Rose Quartz Pig totem may also act a reminder to not be naïve and act unknowingly. Rose Quartz Pig totem also offers energetic protection from unscrupulous people who take advantage of people and situations. 

In healing, Pig totem may be helpful for those with skin issues and body temperature challenges. Rose Quartz may be helpful in strengthening the physical heart and supportive for those who are experiencing palpitations and irregular heartbeat. Rose Quartz aids the circulatory system and releases impurities from body fluids.

.5oz+  / 14g+              .9"+ / 24mm+            1 mini pig        $5.00 

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