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Red Quartz Crystal Cluster
Red Quartz Crystal Cluster

Red Quartz Crystal Cluster

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Stunning rusty–red colored quartz crystal points on a Smoky Quartz Crystal matrix from Morocco, Africa. Red Quartz helps to release stress, boosts self-esteem, will power and is a master healer for any condition. Coupled with quartz qualities, Red Quartz aids in positive action. Red Quartz may be useful for healing old patterns and removing compulsions, addictions, overeating, smoking, overindulging, hysteria, and inflammation. The energetic vibration from red quartz and smoky quartz crystal is grounding and provides protection during metaphysical activities. Red quartz enhances telepathy. Red Quartz crystal removes energy implants and is helpful in healing the aura. The hematite formed in Red Quartz is energetically supportive helping to overcome depression and fear while restoring life force and vitality to the physical body. Red Quartz is said to be a good talisman crystal for business, as it enhances financial security, supports perseverance, helps to overcome impatience and frustration.

In healing, Red Quartz supports formation of red blood cells, circulatory problems, and anemia and may be used for energy enhancement.

2oz / 56g           2.8" x 1.6" x .7" / 72mm x 43mm x 18mm         $10.00

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