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Purple Crystals

Posted by Raven Crystals on 3/14/2024 to Crystal Healing Tools
Purple Crystals

Vibrating at the highest frequency in the visual color spectrum, the violet ray is located at the end of the rainbow. The color purple is thought to reflect the final outcome of circumstances such as the attainment of wisdom and spiritual knowledge, the completion of alchemical transmutation of energies, or the end of the physical life cycle as in death. Historically, the color Purple has represented royalty and spirituality, signifying wealth, power, and positions of authority and leadership.

Purple represents the energies associated with divine wisdom combined with the grounding reality of the physicality of the human body. Purple is a combination of two primary colors, red and blue. The combination of these two colors signifies the blending and balancing of opposites. Red, representing passion is calmed by the soothing color of reason, blue. Purple is the color of seekers both spiritually and physically. The energetic vibration of the violet ray supports the calling of your soul and offers you a direction in life. The energies of red and blue facilitate motivation and movement toward a destination that is tempered by patience, intention, and the understanding of your soul’s path and life purpose. Purple crystals energetically connect us to divine intelligence and the source of manifestation. The energetic vibration of Purple directs us to channel our true soul expression into physical form so we may realize our intentions and the accomplishment of goals.

Purple Hills of Mongolia

The various shades of purple are often described as colors found in plants, fruits, and vegetables ~ visualize the purple hues of lavender, lilac, violet, plum, grape, and eggplant. Violet hues are also used as a colorful description of topography, such as “purple mountain majesty,” representing all that is magnificent, beautiful, and inspiring.
Purple literally colors our imagination, thoughts, intuition, and desires and most importantly, our sense of wonder.  The color purple elevates our state of consciousness and encourages a leap of faith and greater self-awareness. The vibration of the violet ray allows us to energetically recognize the magical unfolding of events in the universe. Creating a greater awareness and state of heighten consciousness, Purple fosters the imagination and free thinking “aha” moments. Suspending the systematic, sequential, and logical thought processes, the violet ray vibration creates an energetic flow releasing one from the perceptions of a straight-line time frame and societal restraints. Purple gives us the opportunity to “pause” in the present so we may be open to truly experience the magic of the moment – whether it is a sense of place or taste, smell, vision, tactical, spiritual, etc. Fostering the awe of wonder and appreciation for all things, the influence of purple’s energetic resonance stretches the sense of time and creates an openness to receive messages and ideas that are way beyond our current perceived reality and self-imposed limitations.
Lepidolite with Pegmatite
Purple is a wonderful color influence supporting those pursuing creative arts, music, painting and poetry. Purple crystals are wonderful energetic tools for developing and enhancing extra sensory and psychic abilities, pursuing spiritual endeavors, and enhancing meditation.

In color healing, the vibration of the violet color ray is said to be helpful in the support of the healing of heart and stomach issues. The color purple may also be energetically supportive for the Pituitary gland and stimulating for the spleen. Purple may be soothing for the central nervous system and helpful for eliminating feelings of depression, anxiety, boredom, and apathy.  The energies of the Violet ray vibrate at the highest frequency not only in the visual color spectrum but in the chakra system as well. The color violet energetically resonates with the seventh chakra, the crown chakra.

The color purple offers clarity and mental focus. Ingest the supportive energetic benefits of the color purple with some of these foods: black cherries and berries, prunes and plums, elderberry, eggplant, purple cabbage, turnips and beets, purple potatoes, purple kidney beans, grapes, and don’t forget to raise a glass in celebration with some wonderful wine.