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Prophecy Stones
Prophecy Stones

Prophecy Stones

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Thought to be wise, protective, and powerful stones, these unusual looking brownish red colored natural Prophecy Stones are from the Sahara Desert region of Eygpt, Africa. Prophecy Stones are Limonite pseudomorphs (takes the external crystal shape) of other minerals such as Pyrite and Hematite.  The combination of crystalline energies of the Limonite, Hematite and Pyrite of these Prophecy Stones create an excellent preventive shield from many forms of negative energy. Prophecy Stones create an energy field within the aura, keeping out negative vibrations of pollutants at the physical level. Prophecy Stone is a unique protector and is an excellent crystal tool to keep in one’s possession when performing dangerous work. The energy of Prophecy Stones may inspire the universal energies to activate the nourishing energies of the body, assisting to attain physical strength and increased levels of virility. Prophecy Stones may energetically assist one in seeing behind facades and receive guidance about lifestyle choices and overcoming procrastination to achieve goals. Prophecy Stones may help to focus on positive thoughts and successful outcomes, with improved intuitive foresight, removing detrimental thoughts, impaired clarity, and preventing psychic attacks.

     1.8oz+ / 51g+          1.5"+ / 39mm+               1 piece     $5.00

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