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Polished Black Ammonite Fossils
Polished Black Ammonite Fossil

Polished Black Ammonite Fossils

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Beautiful opalized polished black Ammonite fossil from Madagascar. Ammonite fossils promote well-being, good health, prosperity, and good luck. The name Ammonite is derived from the shell's appearance: it resembles a ram's horn. Metaphysically, Ammonite is considered to be a protective stone giving stability and structure to a person's life. Ammonite is said to transform negativity into smooth flowing energy, increasing vitality and overall well-being. Ammonite is a symbol of the higher forces of the universe and a reminder of the cycles in life. Ammonite is said to assist with childbirth, depression, and general survival instincts. 
.5oz+/ 14g+    1.4" x .3"+/ 37mm x 9mm+          1 pair  $8.00

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