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Pink Tourmaline

Posted by Raven Crystals on 11/10/2016 to Crystals and Chakras
Pink Tourmaline

When working with crystal healing energies, I find that I am intuitively attracted to the crystals I need most in my daily life or that would be very helpful in a particular situation. With the escalation of negative global and local events, I find myself reaching for the crystals seeking stress relief, comfort, and energetic support. Be Positive. Be Love. Be Involved. Cultivate feelings and intent working with the sweet, heart healing crystalline energies of Pink Crystals for Peace, Love and Understanding. 

Pink Tourmaline is one of the ultimate crystal healing tools for matters of the heart, the support of heart centered activities, and fostering feelings of LOVE. Pink Tourmaline energy is calming and may provide balance in brain chemistry, naturally helping to create feelings of joy and happiness. Pink Tourmaline supports peace during periods of transformation. Pink tourmaline is an aphrodisiac that attracts love in the material and spiritual world, providing one assurance that it is safe to love and live. Due to its high Lithium content, Pink Tourmaline energetic vibrations are soft, soothing, and feminine and support a way of being that is filled with kindness and tolerance. Pink Tourmaline assists with the release of emotional pain and old destructive feelings, supporting the healing of the heart and generating feelings of confidence and trust. Pink Tourmaline allows one to forgive the past and move forward in life with an open, trusting heart. 

Pink Tourmaline is a helpful crystal tool for those with anxiety. Carrying or wearing Pink Tourmaline may help to release feelings of stress, worry, and depression. Pink Tourmaline may be helpful for those who are grieving as the energies of this crystal energize the heart for recovery. Pink Tourmaline re-energizes the love for life and helps one rediscover their passion and zest for living.