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Posted by Raven Crystals on 5/6/2017 to Crystal Healing Tools

A pendulum is an ancient divination or dowsing tool helpful in bringing information from the subconscious to conscious awareness. A pendulum is created when a weighted object, such as a crystal, is suspended from a chain or string. A pendulum may be used as a tool to gain insight by asking specific questions. Pendulums are extremely powerful yet simple to “operate.” Please handle your pendulum with awareness and with the intention of using your new crystal 'tool' with intuitive wisdom and respect honoring the healing process which is for the highest good. 

Pendulum usage tips

First thing to do is to cleanse your pendulum. Your pendulum resonates with your vibrations connecting with your etheric aura and higher self. It is important to keep your pendulum as one of your personal crystal tools – be mindful of the energies. If someone borrows your pendulum please cleanse it when you receive it back and attune it with your energies. When a pendulum gets overloaded with energies, they stop responding to questions and may act a little wacky.

Before using your pendulum, you may wish to spend some time with it to become familiar with its energy and to harmonize with it. By allowing yourself to be attuned with your pendulum, you establish a powerful energetic rapport and empathy with it. The better you know your pendulum, the more effectively it will work with you forming a wonderful energetic partnership. Hold your pendulum while you meditate, or just sit holding it and feeling its shape, texture, and weight. Visually examine the pendulum familiarizing yourself with any patterns or changes in color it may have. The possibilities are unlimited. Listen to your intuition and connect with the energetic vibrations of the crystals. Experiment with your pendulum. There is no right or wrong way to work with a pendulum. Have FUN!

How to use a Pendulum

Hold the pendulum’s chain comfortably with your hand. Many people prefer using their non dominant hand. The pendulum should be held in such a way that it is able to swing freely without interference. Center yourself energetically and place your focus on the pendulum. Once you get the feeling of the pendulum, you’ll need to connect with the pendulum on an energetic level. You’ll need to practice and understand the intuitive language shared between you and your pendulum. There are several ways a pendulum moves in response to your inquiry. To determine your pendulum’s responses. Focus on the pendulum and ask for it to show a “yes” answer. The pendulum will move in a certain direction for a “yes” response, for example; the pendulum moves in a straight line back and forth. Determine what a “no” answer is, etc. Perhaps the movement signifying a "no" answer is circular. Pendulum answers are limited to “yes” and “no” answers. “Maybe” or “Don’t know” responses are often made by the pendulum not moving (not registering) or shuttering in place. When your question has been answered, clear your pendulum by touching the tip to your hand’s palm or a neutral surface. Remember to ask specific questions in order to receive clear information.  Stay neutral with your emotional response. Be open to receive the energetic information from the pendulum.  Practice and play with your pendulum. Enjoy developing a relationship with your special crystal tool. Always use your pendulum with the attitude of gratitude and respect.

In healing, pendulums may be used in making healthy choices and additional clarity with diagnosis. Pendulums may be helpful when working with crystals – helping to validate which gemstones to use in healing, which crystals need to be cleansed, and to help determine the placement of crystals in healing grids or in the environment. Pendulums may be helpful in energy work, as they indicate any blockages in the chakras and the energetic flow of the meridian channels.