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Orgonite Chakra Wand
Orgonite Chakra Wand

Orgonite Chakra Wand

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Beautiful multi-stone chakra polished Orgonite wand with a copper sun encased in resin matrix. When used as a crystal healing tool, it is said that multi-stone chakra Orgonite wand balances and strengthens the energetic field and offers protection from harmful EMFs and negative energy. It is thought that energy which is out of balance is absorbed into the Orgonite by the metal-resin-crystal matrix. Polarized positive energy vibrations are released back into the environment due to piezoelectric effect of the crystals encased and under the pressure from the formed resin matrix. This multi-stone chakra Orgonite wand is an energy mover resonating with each chakra, restoring balance and harmony within the mind, flowing through the body and spirit. When chakras are blocked or an event impedes the natural energy flow, the chakras may need stimulation to become active again, as our health and well-being depends on having balanced, active chakras. Multi-stone chakra Orgonite wands are energetic vibration enhancers created for elemental healing, uplifting environmental vibration levels, empowering the mind with awareness, and direct supporting healing energies through the conscious body.

Copper is an excellent energy conductor and channeling tool as it stimulates electricity and mystical subtle energies from the higher planes. Copper is said to enhance thoughts and healing energies. Copper facilitates the conductivity and transmittal of electrical impulses and brain wave patterns while magnifying healing energies from one source to another. Copper stimulates initiative and experimentation, optimism, diplomacy, and independence. Copper combats feelings of lethargy, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and non-acceptance of oneself through supportive energetic vibrations while helping with the release of self-imposed restrictions. Copper placed in Orgonite generators, like these wands, crystal grids, or wired wrapped around a crystal provides energetic enhancement. 

2.9oz/ 83g                  4.1" x 1"/ 106mm x 26mm            $30.00 
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