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Orange River Quartz Crystal Cluster #120620
Orange River Quartz Crystal Cluster

Orange River Quartz Crystal Cluster #120620

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Beautiful mitten shaped Orange River Quartz Crystal Cluster with elestial formations from Riemvasmaak, South Africa. Orange River Quartz is a highly energetic stone revitalizing all levels of being and is attuned to the vermilion flame of the spiritual will. Orange River Quartz Crystal aids with accessing intellectual information, activating intuition, and increasing vitality. Orange River Quartz Crystal adds zest to life and is an excellent stone for recharging the base and sacral chakras. Orange River Quartz draws the creative life force from the Earth up into the Earth Chakra, activating the creativity of the base and sacral to the crown and soul star chakras. Orange River Quartz aligns with your Higher Self and aids in accepting the life path chosen or your soul purpose. Orange River Quartz restores the capacity for enjoyment, opening one to both give and receive pure pleasure. Orange River Quartz Crystal facilitates loving relationships and the attraction of love.  Orange River Quartz Crystal dissolves negativity and prevents negative energies from entering the aura. Orange River Quartz Crystal protects the soul and is helpful for grounding during out-of-body journeying. Orange River Quartz crystal may be helpful in overcoming karmic misuse and the abuse of power.

In healing, Orange River Quartz Crystal is an efficient healer as it may help to realign the meridians of the body and encourage energy flow. Quartz is a master healer and may be used for any condition. Orange River Quartz supports the blood, liver and spleen. Orange River Quartz Crystal regulates blood flow, increases the strength of red corpuscles, stimulates the immune system, and the reproductive organs.

13.3oz/ 377g        5.4" x 2.8" x 1.1"/ 138mm x 73mm x 28mm        $50.00

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