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Optical Calcite Crystals #060720
Optical Calcite Crystals

Optical Calcite Crystals #060720

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Beautiful translucent Optical Calcite crystals, also known as Iceland Spar from Mexico. Iceland Spar crystal amplifies images and may be helpful in treatment for vision and the eyes. Optical Calcite increases perception and may be helpful in deciphering and seeing the meaning behind words and ideas that have been communicated. Optical calcite crystals remind us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Optical calcite crystals are supportive of positive communication skills during difficult conversations. Optical calcite crystals dissolve energy blocks removing stagnation or density in the energy field resulting in an increase flow of energy and feelings of well-being.

In healing, Optical Calcite may be helpful in stimulating the metabolism and as a crystal tool for weight loss.
.5oz+ / 15g+       1.3"+ / 35mm +          1 piece          $1.00 

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