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Nephrite Jade Cube Carvings
Nephrite Jade Cube Carvings

Nephrite Jade Cube Carvings

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Dark green speckled patterned Nephrite Jade cube carvings from Pakistan. Jade is a crystal of purity and serenity. A nurturing and protective stone, Jade supports an energetic sense of peace and harmony.  Jade helps one release the fear of limitations and negative thoughts, as it stimulates ideas, ambition, and tasks seem less complicated and/or mundane. Jade energetically supports the “self” providing feelings of self-sufficiency and adds a boost to confidence levels. A powerful manifestation stone, Nephrite Jade carving attracts abundance, good luck, harmonious relationships, and supportive friendships into one’s life. Jade encourages one to live their life fully and to spend time doing what you love with who you love. Nephrite Jade cube carving provides a solid foundation for those who are interested in building on an idea, manifesting an intention into a project, and taking appropriate action on implementing a plan. The Nephrite Jade cube carving provides accountability, balance, and completion of an action.

In healing, Jade is a cleansing stone aiding the body’s filtration system and elimination organs especially for the kidneys. Jade helpfully balances the fluids within the body and rebinds cellular and skeletal systems. 

1.8oz+ / 51g+             1.1"+ / 28mm  +                                       1 cube          $8.00 

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