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Natural Topaz Rough Crystals
Natural Topaz Rough Crystals

Natural Topaz Rough Crystals

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Beautiful pale golden yellow colored natural Topaz rough crystals from Brazil. Topaz promotes truth, compassion, and forgiveness. Topaz supports a sense of trust in the universe allowing one to release doubts and uncertainties. Topaz is a mellow, empathetic stone that directs energy to where it is needed. Topaz vibrant energies brings joy, generosity, abundance, success, and good health to your life while releasing all that is negative. Traditionally, Topaz has been known as the "stone of love" allowing one to be receptive to love from every source. Supporting affirmations and manifestation, Topaz assists one with the attainment of goals and taps into inner personal resources. Topaz helps one see the bigger picture and assists with the communication of ideas.

In healing, Topaz may help to aid digestion, stimulate metabolism and the absorption of nutrients, combat anorexia, and restore the sense of taste. Topaz may also fortify the nervous system and help prevent infections.  Topaz may be used to help correct vision issues and diseases of the eyes. 

.5oz+/ 13g+                    3 pieces for  $2.00

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