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Septerye Natural Specimens
Septerye Natural Specimens

Septerye Natural Specimens

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Natural creamy yellow and brown colored giraffe skin patterned Septerye Specimens from Madagascar, Africa. Septarian is a combination of Calcite, Chalcedony and Aragonite, the gray concretions connects to the devic energy. Septerye is an excellent stone for self-nurturing, caring about others and caring for the Earth. Septerye harmonizes emotions and intellect with the higher mind. Septerye enhances the ability to communicate within a group, and a useful tool for public speaking that incubates ideas and assists in bringing  them into fruition. Calcite facilitates opening of psychic abilities, channeling out-of-body experiences and cleans the physical and subtle bodies. It clears negative energies from the environment, calming the mind and teaching discernment. Chalcedony provides pathway to receiving thought transmissions, telepathy and useful for balancing the energy of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It absorbs negative energy, dissipates it to prevent onward transmissions. Aragonite is attuned to Earth Goddess, transforms geopathic stress and clears blocked ley lines even at a distance. It is a grounding stone and a reliable Earth healer that restores balance for meditation via raising vibrations to a high spiritual level and brings energy into the physical body, stabilizing the Base and Earth Chakras.  Septerye coheres spiritual groups and healers can use it for diagnosis and provides insight into the cause of disease. In healing, Septerye stimulates the body to focus its own healing power. 
approx    1.2oz+/ 35g+             1.4"+/ 37mm+         1 piece        $3.00

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