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Blue Kyanite Blades  #052320
Blue Kyanite Blades

Blue Kyanite Blades #052320

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Beautiful sky blue and some specimens with pink mineral deposits natural Kyanite blades from Brazil.  Blue Kyanite is a wonderful crystal tool as it does not hold negativity and does not require cleansing or cleaning.  Blue Kyanite is an excellent attunement and meditation stone. Calming, yet stimulating at the same time, Kyanite is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies providing mental focus for stimulating psychic abilities and deepening levels of intuition. Kyanite energetically connects to spirit guides and instills compassion, grounding spiritual vibrations, and brings spiritual integrity and maturation.
In healing, Kyanite is said to be a natural pain reliever. Kyanite may help to lower blood pressure and heal infections. 
.2oz+ / 6g+          approx 1.9"+/ 49mm +               2 pieces    $1.00                  

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