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Green Kyanite Blades
Green Kyanite Blades

Green Kyanite Blades

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Beautiful natural Green Kyanite crystal blades from the Arusha Region in Northern Tanzania, Africa. Green Kyanite is a stone of connection acting as a bridge between oneself and the balance of nature. This beautiful green crystal healing tool may be helpful with energetically connecting to the truth of your heart and allowing you to speak and live your life authentically. Green Kyanite energetically aligns one with the life force of nature. Green Kyanite assists the connection with Nature Devas. Green Kyanite resonates with the heart chakra channeling the high frequency vibrations into self-healing and the discovery of your inner answers. Green Kyanite aids one in seeing what gifts, interests, and skills they have to offer others. 
In healing, Green Kyanite crystal is a natural pain reliever and may be beneficial helping to heal energetically and physically from trauma. Green Kyanite may lower blood pressure and aid with the healing from infections. 
 .1oz/ 2g                        1.1"+ / 30mm+               2 pieces     $3.00 

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