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Natural Fire Quartz Rough Crystals
Natural Fire Quartz Rough Crystals

Natural Fire Quartz Rough Crystals

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Beautiful natural translucent Fire Quartz Rough Crystals from Madagascar, Africa. Fire Quartz provides a beautiful dancing energy, which when activated, stimulates energy flow on all levels. Fire Quartz links the base and the heart chakras with the crown chakra, drawing physical and spiritual vitality into the body. Balancing the polarities and meridians in the body, Fire Quartz harmonizes energy with the subtle and physical nervous systems. Fire Quartz Crystal aids in the expression of universal love and acts as a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds. Fire Quartz Crystal has been used to traverse the gap between the physical world and the spiritual world and may help one to understand transitions.  

In healing, Fire Quartz strengthens veins, memory, and the thyroid and helps to overcome thyroid deficiencies. 
    1.6oz+/ 44g+                       1.7"+/ 43mm+                     1 piece     $1.00  

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