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Natural Amethyst Crystal Points with Calcite
Natural Amethyst Crystal Points with Calcite

Natural Amethyst Crystal Points with Calcite

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Gorgeous dark grape purple colored natural Amethyst Quartz Crystal Points with a surface dusting of white Calcite from Brazil. These wonderful crystal points combine the vibrational energies of both Amethyst and Calcite. Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment. The energy of these Amethyst and calcite crystal points elevates our state of consciousness and encourages a leap of faith and greater self-awareness.  These Amethyst and calcite crystal points offering a nurturing, grounding, and care-taking vibration while experiencing connection with spirituality, divine intelligence, and the source of manifestation. The combined energetic vibration of the amethyst and calcite supports the calling of your soul and offers you a direction in life. Amethyst and calcite crystal points balance and revitalize physical energy while providing focus for meditation, clarity of thought, and alleviation of emotional stress and feelings of anxiety.

In healing, Amethyst may be helpful in the increased production of hormones and supportive of the endocrine system and metabolism.  Amethyst may energetically strengthen the organs and the immune system. Calcite may be supportive for wound healing by fortifying the immune system and stimulating tissue healing and blood clotting. 

     1.2oz+/ 33g+        2.3"+ / 60mm+                  1 piece        $10.00

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