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Mtorolite Chrysoprase Polished Stones
Mtorolite Chrysoprase Polished Stones

Mtorolite Chrysoprase Polished Stones

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Beautiful Mtorolite Chrysoprase palm sized large polished stones with natural crystalline pockets from Zimbabwe, Africa. Mtorolite Chrysoprase is a translucent and brecciated patterned green emerald colored chalcedony type Chrome Chrysoprase (rather than Australian Chrysoprase which is Nickel colored). Chrysoprase promotes love of truth, hope and gives personal insight. Chrysoprase induces deep meditative states, stimulates creativity and encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships. Chrysoprase energizes the heart and sacral chakras and brings universal energy into the physical body. Chrysoprase is a calming stone. Chrysoprase is a useful crystal tool for forgiveness and compassion. Chrysoprase is useful in healing co-dependence relationships, supporting independence and yet encouraging commitment. 

In healing, Chrysoprase has a strong detoxifying action mobilizing heavy metals out of the body and stimulating liver function. 

5.5oz + / 156g +          2.9" x 1.2"+ / 74mm x 31mm         $30 each

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