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Moss Agate Polished Sphere
Moss Agate Polished Sphere

Moss Agate Polished Sphere

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Stunning forest green and snowy white colored Moss Agate polished sphere with natural pockets of druzy quartz crystals. With a visual sense of renewal and growth, Moss Agate energetically refreshes the soul and your appreciation of nature and beauty. Moss Agate is a grounding and calming stone that aids in centering and stabilizing physical energies. Moss Agate may help to release feelings of anger and resentment while supporting growth through love and the courage to start a new beginning. Moss Agate may help one overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart. The green and white markings and colors on the Moss Agate Crystal ball make it an excellent tool for divination. Moving energy through time, Moss Agate Crystal Balls may enable one to see circumstances from a different perspective releasing fears associated with the unknown. 

In healing, Moss Agate may energetically speed up recovery, and may be used to counteract long-term illness. Moss Agate has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to cleanse the circulatory and elimination systems and boost the immune system. Moss Agate may also be helpful in the treatment of fungal and skin infections.

13.5oz / 382g          2.5" dia / 65mm dia       with stand       $90.00

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