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Mongolia | Gobi March 250km |Stage Two

Posted by Raven Crystals on 8/17/2018 to Feeding the Machine
Mongolia | Gobi March 250km |Stage Two

Stage Two ~ The Nomadic Wilderness

Oh hello… tweaked my left hamstring on the first incline of the day. Ugh. My focused shifted between worrying about my leg and the heavy pressure and lack of skin on my clavicles where my back pack had continually rubbed for miles. Luckily the blisters on my feet were a non-issue thanks to all the taping of toes and McGuyvering of heel cups. Equipment fail for the day – my beloved Maui Jim sunglasses broke – damn it. I did not bring the suggested second pair of sunglasses.

Green fields to infinity

Much like the previous day, the course for day two is filled with lush landscapes of rolling green valleys and endless tracks of dirt roads leading to infinity, sprinkled with random gers and herds of livestock.

Rocky Outcropping in Mongolia

I have come to a couple conclusions about the race 1) all the check points are all seemingly located on the uphill summit and 2) the finish line and camp for the night is optically never closer and located just around the next corner and 3) wait until at least mile 15 before busting out the music or else risk running out of ipod juice and no music for those last couple of miles. You know when the camp is just around the “next” corner. Ugh.

Camp is just around the corner

Our camp for the night is in traditional gers next to the Sacred Rock at the base of the Khogno-Khan Mountains.

traditional yert

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